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The Nerve-Wracking Task of Asking for Reviews: My Journey

Hey there, wonderful readers!

Today, I want to chat about something that has been equally terrifying and enlightening for me: asking for reviews of my business. If you've ever run a business or even thought about starting one, you might know exactly what I mean. It's like standing on the edge of a high cliff, knowing you have to jump but feeling your legs turn to jelly at the thought!

The Fear Factor

I won’t sugar coat it – the idea of asking for reviews has given me some sleepless nights. What if people are brutally honest? What if someone had a bad day and took it out on my review page? These "what ifs" can spiral out of control and make the task seem daunting. But here's the thing: reviews are essential. They are the lifeblood of credibility and growth for any business. It's the feedback loop that helps us understand what we're doing right and where we can improve.

Learning the Ropes

Despite the initial fear, I've come to realise that asking for reviews is a must. It’s part of growing and improving. Without feedback, how can we know we’re on the right track? Plus, most people are kind and genuinely want to see you succeed. They’re happy to share their positive experiences and even their constructive criticism.

A Bump in the Road

There has been some minor benefit so far, I've found out that my Facebook Messenger isn’t working! Talk about timing, right? But no worries, I’m on it and will get it fixed soon. In the meantime, if you’ve tried to get me on there and not heard a single thing back, you can drop me an email at

Mental Health Matters

Amidst all this hustle, it’s crucial to keep building a strong mental health foundation. Running a business is a marathon, not a sprint, and taking care of our mental well-being ensures we have the stamina to keep going. So, remember to take breaks, breathe, and treat yourself with kindness. It’s all part of the journey we share together.

Where Did Summer Go?

And lastly, can we just take a moment to ask – where has summer gone? It feels like just yesterday we were basking in the sunshine, and now we're already looking ahead to cooler days. Lets hope it returns very quickly.

Thanks for sticking with me through this chatty little blog. Here’s to facing our fears, asking for those reviews, and taking care of our mental health. Until next time!

Have a blessed day folks.


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