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Bespoke Pedals

Like most people, I got into build pedals by building funny looking, unobtainable effects pedals to whack onto my own pedal board. That combined well with a nice hobby that I enjoy. Since then I have developed my skill set into something that is no longer recognisable when you consider how I started. 

If you want to get yourself a unique, one of a kind pedal made by us then get in touch and discuss. Primarily we sell kits but I'm still a builder - I'm bound by what I can do though, please don't email and ask me to invent you a new pedal. The idea is that you might want a couple of different units inside one case, a pedal build that perhaps isn't a kit of mine or something unique. I'll be honest, as ever, if  you are asking me for something that I can't do, I'll tell you. It may not be possible to do what you want or it may just be that I'm not the right person to do it! 

Once you've decided on the insides then think about the outside. Its about how they sound isn't it, not how they look. Although, some of the pedals I've made are quite simply beautiful pieces of art and some sit here on display making no noise at all. 

I love soldering and designing pedals and take great pride in sending them to musicians all over the world. 

Lead times on bespoke units vary, they aren't rushed and its unlikely to be quick as rushing produces an inferior product and quality takes time. 

Sometimes I have pedals for sale that I have built. If so, they'll be in here.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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