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Shipping Policy

We aim to ship orders as quickly as possible. Jeds Peds Limited is a big business. Bigger than we could have ever imagined. But the reality is that there is only ever one of us able to process orders at a time, and our only ask of you is that you respect this with your patience.

Please check our Facebook and Instagram pages, as these will be regularly updated during busy periods. We will also contact any customers directly if there is a significant delay in shipping an order.

Once you have received your order confirmation, please allow 7 days minimum for your shipping notification to be received before chasing us up on this. Whilst we are extremely passionate about Jeds Peds Limited, it is not our only job and therefore we have to work around this, whilst manage a healthy work life balance.

The time it takes to reply to an email asking where an order is 24 hours after it was placed, is time that could be spent processing orders. It’s a fair trade; the best quality products and build support, in return for a little patience whilst we balance life/kids/pedals/work in that order!

You will receive an email stating that you have placed and order. That is confirmation that your order has been received by Jeds Peds Limited. You will be updated again when the items are despatched. Once you receive your email, you can rest assured that your order is definitely on its way to you.

We send our items all over the world every week! We have every faith in our postal services and can say that, over the years, very few have gone astray and even less have gone missing.

Most items will be sent via Royal Mail using standard post service. Orders valued over £50 may be sent using the ‘Signed For’ service. International items will be sent by Royal Mail, using a suitable service that is available in the receiving country; please note that a tracking number is not always available for international items. International customers are responsible for paying any customs taxes or fees due on receipt of their order. Occasionally, it may be more suitable for your order to be sent via courier and you will be notified if this is the case.

Lost/delayed orders are covered by our Terms and Conditions. In summary, we are bound by our shipping handlers own Terms and Conditions, and we are unable to replace any orders until the handler is satisfied that the item is either lost or delayed. Once an item has been declared lost by the handler, we will send a replacement order to you without delay.

Please engage with us should your item be unreasonably delayed, opening a Paypal dispute will not magically make your parcel disappear and it also prevents me liaising with the mail handlers or sending a new item out.

If you think that your shipment has been lost, visit the Royal Mail's website about what to do.


  1. We aim to despatch your order with 7 days of it being placedᶧ.

  2. We use Royal Mail unless we tell you otherwise.

  3. A tracking number will not automatically be sent to you.

  4. Rest assured, if you receive notification that your order is on its way, then it most definitely is on its way.

  5. An order will not be replaced unless and until Royal Mail declares it lost.

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