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This page contains all the information you could need about Jeds Peds, who we  are, what motivates us and how we operate. Its often hard to get a feel for an internet supplier as so many don't seem to want to connect with each client that chooses to browse their site. Well, I do. I'm quite different to most and I believe I am very different to other pedal kit suppliers around the world. At Jeds Peds you get the personal level of service and a community of support. In fact many of the community elders have become intrinsic parts of the running of the brand in some way or another.

Jeds Peds is managed by Jacquie Edwards and much to everyone's surprise she is Jed. Theres an entire team behind the scenes now, and whilst there is only J and I doing the order processing we have a few other key individuals spread out over the UK who's remote help and advice is invaluable to us both. We have 3 wonderful young kids and as well as this we are both full time key workers in the UK emergency service world. Our life is pretty full on, but that's how we like it. 

The Jed of Jeds Peds has developed though into some mythical being whom provides love and cheer to all pedal builders.

With this being our hobby rather than our main income we are able to provide reasonably priced, top quality pedal parts with the emphasis being on you having the best chance of success with whatever you build. I can't promise that there won't be hiccups along the way, neither of us are perfect but we are always there to help guide, or send an extra part if we happen to miss one. Its my aim to provide a better level of support and customer service than other pedal kit suppliers out there, as well as providing the best quality kits. I think we do that pretty well and many of our clients say we are simply second to none. 

We have a Facebook forum which is by far the best way to get build help. We are active on it and there are a group of fantastic, supportive friends within. There's no snobbery, back biting or bitching allowed. Stupid questions are welcome as are the tough ones! If you find yourself unsure on something and can't find the answer on Google, then join us!

I guess the obvious consequence of us working full time and running a global enterprise is that it can take us a little longer to process the orders. If COVID has taught us anything its that we need to learn to be patient. There's nothing worse for me to wake up in the morning and check the emails to see that someone who ordered less than a day ago is already chasing me! The reality is that there is only us here and only ever one of us at a time doing this. Its a big business, bigger than either of us ever imagined. So please respect that and be a patient person.  I keep social media up to date during busy periods, I keep you up to date during busy periods. We do our best, so that's what I ask of you.  It's a fair trade, the best products and build support in return for a little patience whilst we balance Life/kids/pedals/work (in that order)     oh yeah, and we've got a camper that we try to go away in sometimes...with or without the kids!

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