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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I'm new, any advice?

We've got a full beginner kit page and we sell all the tools you'll need as well here at JP. As a suggestion check out the Bass Fuzz for your first kit. Its cool, easy and actually a pretty good fuzz.

What tools do I need?

You can never have too many tools and you will probably find as you continue through your new found hobby that you will end up collecting them.

However, for now I would recommend that you have a decent soldering iron, solder, wire strippers, solder sucker, wire snipping pliers and needle nose pliers for those fiddly bits.

I've not received my item.

You need to read through our shipping policy prior to contacting us. It'll probably be on its way rather than lost. Don't worry though, if it is lost we'll sort it :)

I don't like the pedal you built for me, can I return it?

No sorry. Some of the pedals I build and sell have several hours work spent on them and the reality is that it is no longer an item I can sell. Please consider this before you order.

I consider anything pre soldered to be customised away from a pedal kit.

I run the best (insert random thing here) in the world please send me a free kit.

I get this email at least three times a week. Thanks but no thanks. I've done his before and got nothing back. I already have contacts who will make me videos of my kits.

If you want something then buy it. If you then show me something I think brings value to my business then your second kit may be free, but prove yourself first.

Help! My kit didn't work when I fired it up.

First of all, have you tested the circuit prior to connecting the foot switch?? If the answer to this is no, go away and test it!! If you contact us asking for help, this is the first thing we will ask you. Please do not contact us if you have not done this, as it will be a waste your time and ours.

You should also join our Facebook forum.

If your pedal is still not working at the testing stage, there are a few troubleshooting checks you can do:

Check your soldering - it is clean, is there sufficient solder?

Is everything in the right place?

Any polarised components - are they in correctly?

If you are still unsure, get in touch, we are happy to help. Hint: pictures are always useful

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