Bass Fuzz - The Best Beginner Kit

Bass Fuzz - The Best Beginner Kit

The Bass Fuzz is one of our 'go to' beginner kits. I specifically designed the PCB for an easy first build for a new builder. As you can see, the PCB hangs beneath the 3PDT with the components sitting next to it. There is a little off board wiring to do to the single pot and also the jacks and power socket.


Don't worry about it being called a 'Bass Fuzz' its definetley for guitar! 

If you are wanting to try a new hobby, and you've decided to go with a fuzz then this is the one to go with. The resulting pedal is very good, the circuit is border line genius! 

This kit is supplied with a JP125B enclosure. It comes with top mounted jacks and power. 

  • This kit compares to the Bazz Fuzz. 


    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.




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