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Post Cruise Brightness

Just a few weeks ago, I was on an incredible cruise abroad, sailing through serene waters and exploring new destinations. It wasn't just a feast for the senses; it was a balm for my mental health. Now that I'm back in the grind, catching up with the mountain of work that piled up in my absence, I find myself eager to integrate the positive lessons I learned while I was away.


One of the most profound lessons I picked up on the cruise was the power of being present. Whether I was gazing at the vast ocean, exploring charming coastal towns, or enjoying a leisurely meal on the deck, I found myself truly living in the moment. This mindfulness brought an incredible sense of peace and clarity. Now, back at work, I’ve been trying to incorporate short mindfulness breaks into my day. Just a few minutes of deep breathing or a brief walk outside can help center my mind and reduce stress. It’s a great reminder to focus on the task at hand rather than getting overwhelmed by the larger workload.


Cruise life struck a perfect balance between activity and relaxation. I had ample time to unwind, whether it was lounging by the pool, indulging in a spa treatment, or simply enjoying a good book. This downtime was crucial for recharging my mental batteries. In my current busy schedule, I make it a point to schedule regular breaks and downtime. Whether it’s a quiet evening with a book or quiet moment in the garden, prioritising relaxation helps me maintain my mental health and productivity.


Being surrounded by the ocean and visiting beautiful natural landscapes had a tremendously calming effect. The sheer beauty of nature and the rhythmic sound of the waves provided a soothing backdrop that melted away my worries. While I can't bring the ocean back with me, I can still connect with nature. I take regular walks in the park, tend to my garden, or simply spend time outdoors. These activities help me stay grounded and bring a piece of that serene feeling into my daily life.


I also met people from all walks of life on the cruise, sharing stories and experiences that enriched my journey. These interactions were not only enjoyable but also expanded my perspectives and brought a sense of community. I've made a conscious effort to stay connected with friends and family and to seek out new social interactions. Whether it's a quick chat over coffee or participating in community events, these connections are vital for my emotional well-being.


The cruise taught me to find joy in simple pleasures – a beautiful sunset, a delicious meal, or a pleasant conversation. These moments of joy added up, creating an overall sense of happiness and contentment. I’m now more attuned to the small, joyful moments in my everyday life. Celebrating these little pleasures helps keep my spirits high, even amidst a busy schedule.


Returning from my cruise, I’ve realised that the benefits of that journey extend far beyond the trip itself. By incorporating mindfulness, prioritising downtime, connecting with nature, fostering social interactions, and finding joy in simple pleasures, I can maintain the mental health benefits I experienced while away. As I catch up with my workload, these practices serve as a reminder that it’s not just about grinding away but also about living a balanced and fulfilling life. The lessons I learned on my cruise abroad have become invaluable tools, helping me navigate the daily hustle with a sense of calm and positivity.

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Sounds like an adventure. I have a suggestion: I have purchased 3 pedal kits, I think you have done a good job making it easy for me to work with the electronics. But.. Your leaving EU has made it much more expensive to import into Denmark: an additional £25 toll and vat. How about 0pening a store inside EU? You can ship from there, making it much cheaper for all us over here.