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2020: Thoughts and Musings

Its 2020 and we're in the midst of a global pandemic. We've had our freedoms cut in half, local amenities all closed and many have lost loved ones without being able to say goodbye.

You're on a guitar pedal kit site and now you're reading this about mental health support, perhaps you are wondering why. Personally I wonder, why not.

Unbeknownst to me, I have helped many people cope over the lockdown. I was really humbled to start receiving emails from customers saying so.

It goes both ways guys, my kits and our support forum have built us a real sense of family, community and support through a terribly challenging time for everyone. Your messages of thanks give me a positive vibe. The base of this positive feeling is kindness, that costless element of humanity that for so many years has been lost. This year we stayed apart, but we came together.

We all have a different battle in our own heads, some of us have a war and some have a little argument. I'm yet to meet someone who has convinced me that they haven't experienced a mental health illness, even if for a short period. The difference is some people can shake it loose quicker than others, clear the fog and see sense.

Stay healthy and love yourself. If you're feeling down then reach out to loved ones, friends, family, colleagues...anyone. You may think nobody cares about you but you're kidding yourself. On the flip side to that, ask yourself when did I ask others if they are ok. Only a few weeks ago did a friend of mine go missing and commit suicide. We will never understand why but what I can tell you about that is that I know that suicide doesn't cure depression it just shares it.

Links below to support agencies.

Police Care UK logo

National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. logo
Mind Infoline logo

Mental Health Foundation logo

Samaritans logo

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