TS808 Max

TS808 Max

Jeds version of the TS808 with a few mods. This is a nice intermediate level project, 3 knobs and 3 toggles make this a quite versatile, useful pedal.


As you can see in the images, this PCB has been designed to hang from the toggle switches inside the enclosure. The three potscan also board mount, and if we stock the correct values we will supply them in tht format at no extra cost. If not they will wire into position.


The pots control Drive, Volume and Tone. The toggles control Clipping, Fat and Bright. This is a great pedal for driving a tube amp. Due to being modded it is so much more versatile than the standard Tubescreamer that we all know and love. ​

The kit is supplied with a JP1590B sized enclosure. The kit is not difficult to put together, new builders with an understanding of electronics could complete this build but I'd suggest it is an intermediate level project

  • This kit compares to the TS808 


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