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Its 2020 and we're in the midst of a global pandemic. We've had our freedoms cut in half, local amenities all closed and many have lost loved ones without being able to say goodbye.

You're on a guitar pedal kit site and now you're reading this about mental health support, perhaps you are wondering why. Personally I wonder, why not.


Unbeknownst to me, I have helped many people cope over the lockdown. I was really humbled to start receiving emails from customers saying so. It goes both ways guys, my kits and our support forum have built us a real sense of family, community and support through a terribly challenging time for everyone. Your messages of thanks give me a positive vibe. The base of this positive feeling is kindness, that costless element of humanity that for so many years has been lost. This year we stayed apart, but we came together.

We all have a different battle in our own heads, some of us have a war and some have a little argument. I'm yet to meet someone who has convinced me that they haven't experienced a mental health illness, even if for a short period. The difference is some people can shake it loose quicker than others, clear the fog and see sense.

Stay healthy and love yourself. If you're feeling down then reach out to loved ones, friends, family, colleagues...anyone. You may think nobody cares about you but you're kidding yourself. On the flip side to that, ask yourself when did I ask others if they are ok. Only a few weeks ago did a friend of mine go missing and commit suicide. We will never understand why but what I can tell you about that is that I know that suicide doesn't cure depression it just shares it.

Links below to support agencies.

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Well its 2021 now and we are still going through all this horribleness that we thought would be long forgotten. :(

I really hope you are all bearing up well, and, if you've had it, enjoyed the vaccine side effects as much as I did. I'm so glad the gym has opened again as it means I can get out of the house. As cool as the JP workshop is - it has a grand sum of 0 windows, so i am feeling a little like Nick Brody at the moment. 

I've just ordered my 450th take out in the last 365 days, so perhaps its a double good job the gym is open! A lot of my work colleagues find themselves in the same boat. I know so many trades people have had such a rough year but I must pay homage to my emergency service colleagues for the risk they have taken whilst not only fighting a pandemic but also fighting whatever organisational risk they are employed to solve or prevent. 

Sales went up 500% in 2020 compared to 2019, its an honour to serve so many new builders as well as the older cohort from our earlier years.  There's a real sense of community around the place now.  Don' forget how important you are as an individual. Look after yourself physically and mentally as there are still hard times ahead. The fight isn't over yet, the progress to date has been manufactured and we must all continue to pull ourselves out of this.  We will be ok in the longer term, lets stick together but stay part.


In the meantime carry on being you, because you are bloody awesome.