The Girl Who Ate All The Carrots

The Girl Who Ate All The Carrots


Noise makers need this girl in your life.  Pretty good for bassists and guitarists fact, its probably pretty gnarly for most instruments.


Not only is it a kit with a really long name, The Girl Who Ate All The Carrots is a glitchy gated octave fuzz with one knob. It mixes one octave down and one up. Its ideal for synthy leads. 


Its also nice to run a booster into it. But thats enough descriptions, listen to the sound clip above and make your own mind up.

The PCB is designed to hang from the pots So once its inside it will be very secure, and the final build will be neat. 

This is an ambitious beginner level build. Theres no specialist knowledge needed, all the parts drop into place but there are two chips to fit. This kit fits a JP1590b enclosure. It features our DIY friendly layout and board design, detailed PDF build guide, top quality parts and the availability of our leading build support forum! The board is designed for ‘right angled’ pots. All this combines to give you a great chance of success.




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