The magic of a real Dumble amp is the way it subtly mixes traces of vintage amp overdrive and compression and an almost high gain amp-like bite.  Symbolisation oozes that very natural organic tone, has un-surpassable touch sensitivity and sweet tube-like compression all inside a die cast enclosure! Magic eh!


This natural sounding pedal kit works as a clean boost, edgy crunch, or a sweet singing overdrive, always retaining the tone of your guitar. This isn’t a one trick pony at all, build this one right and you have a multitude of great settings available that sound excellent.  It plays nicely with single coils and humbuckers and works well for bass too.


The Symbolisation kit demonstrates a rich tone that is quite unique, unlike other ‘dumble clones’ it actually achieves what it sets out to do. Its rather impressive and a very much welcomed addition to our range.


The 4 controls are

  • SENSITIVITY: Amount of distortion and compression
  • LEVEL: Output level
  • ACCENT: Adjusts the pick attack and brightness before the signal is overdriven
  • CONTOUR: Brightness of the output


The kit features our DIY friendly layout and board design, detailed PDF build guide, top quality parts and the availability of our leading build support forum! It comes with one of our JP125B enclosures and the board is designed for ‘right angled’ pots.  All this combines to give you a great chance of success.

  • This kit compares to The Simble by Mad Professor.


    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.




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