Super Klone

Super Klone

Our Super Klone kit is the ultimate overdrive pedal. This is my go to overdrive and I highly recommend it to everyone. A modified Klone with 3 knobs and 3 toggle switches.


Theres a little demo clip here.


The project is one of the harder kits we sell, that is based wholly on a high parts count rather than requiring any specific knowledge to put this together. There are also a few delicate components within. 

The kit is currently supplied with a JP125B sized enclosure. The PCB hangs from the three toggle switches, and the three pots are wired. The enclosure will be quite tight, so mini knobs are suggested. 

The 3 pots control Volume, Drive and Tone. The three toggles control Thick, Fat and the third on alternates between two sets of clipping diodes.

  • This kit compares to the a modified Klon 


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