Loony Steed

Loony Steed

Originating from Texas, here is one very Crazy Horse! 

Is it an over drive, is it a fuzz? Who knows! The clever little circuit combines both with the addition of a voltage starve pot for a little more jiggery pokery.


The circuit emulates Neil Youngs live and loud tone, you'll need to add a few thousand pounds worth of amps after it of course. The tones available from this little box are vast, and versatile.  When I tested the latest PCB, I managed to dial in some squelchy Rival Sons fuzz/drive tones, it made me happy.

The kit is currently supplied with a JP125B sized enclosure. The circuit is not overly challenging to put together. The PCB is designed to fit right angled mounted 16mm pots, we will supply these if we have them in stock, if not, short wires must be used to connect the pots to the PCB.



  • This kit compares to the Durham Crazy Horse. 


    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.




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