Golden Chain

Golden Chain


Hark! Another transparent overdrive I hear you sigh, lets turn that frown upside down. Golden Chain is not your average overdrive. For a pedal with a mere average parts count, this one will take the tone from your amp and drive it into seductive saturation. This has three very responsive controls, Volume, Tone & Drive and then there are two toggles to give even more versatility.


The first toggle is a 3 way clipping control, the second is a 3 way voice control.


Don't take my word for how good this Klon killer is, check out Budget Pedal Chaps review here. 


As overdrive pedals go this one is phenomenal. Tweek your tone with this beauty. This one is going right on my board. 


The board is designed with the diy-er in mind, enlarged solder pads, a spacious board and the ability to take right angled pots result in an enjoyable build. 


This kit fits a JP1590b enclosure. It is suitable to an intermediate level builder.


Enjoy your Golden Chain.

  • This kit compares to Friedman Golden Pearl.


    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.




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