Ultimate Beginners Tool Kit

Ultimate Beginners Tool Kit

This selection of tools is aimed at a beginner! Pair it up with a kit and you should have everything you need to get going when it arrives, all with a little bit of discount applied to their RRP.


The price includes; 1x top quality 48Watt soldering station, 1x solder sucker, 1x 60/40 solder, 1x cutting pliers, 1x wire strippers, 1x de-soldering braid, 1x PCB Clamping Kit, 1x Multi Meter.


Owing to the weight and size of this item international orders are not advised, however should you wish one they can be supplied but there may be an extra shipping fee required. 


 Please note, should any of the above be unavailable it will either be subbed for the same item of a different style, that does the same job, or the missing item will be refunded. Cheers