Angus Preamp

Angus Preamp

Angus is a JCM 800 in a pedal, and it does a very very good job of that! It drops the tones of the 80s right at your feet. 6 controls for Volume, gain, prescence, bass, mid and treble. 

The kit is not difficult, but you do need a multi meter as you have several Jfet's to bias. You will not be able to do this by ear as there are too many. Biasing is an easy enough skill. 

Thru hole Jfets are an endangered species. We will send appropriate Jfets with our kit, they may differ from those listed but they will be tried and tested. 

This kit is supplied with a JP125B enclosure. As you can see the board is designed for 6 mounted pots which will be supplied at no extra charge, should we not have a certain value in stock then a wired pot wll be supplied however as all 6 are standard values, I do expect to have them all more often than not.  

  • This kit compares to the PAL800 Jcm Emulator. 


    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.




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