Not all heroes wear a cape, this one plays guitar and used to wear a cowboy hat! AndyChad is one of my heroes, he taught me how to play guitar so you've a lot to thank him for! His support and encouragement has been vital in the development of JedsPeds, and he's also done his bit at keeping me sane and on the right path for around 20 years now., which is no mean feat! 


So on to the kit...


The AndyChad came about when the designer had become frustrated with the tubescreamer mid hump and came up with this incredibly good effect. 


Our kit offers three individually voiced modes, which is an improvement on the original.  Its more than capable of high gain Gary Moore tones, or you can dial it back and let its full-bodied warmth shine through. Plus there’s no overt molestation of your tone except for some natural enhancement via the tone knob, which simultaneously adjusts treble and lower mids to add crispness to the clarity or to mellow things down. 


Whilst the pedal is capable of a fully driven sound I really liked the magic that happens in the lower reaches of the drive knob where you find early break-up and low-level crunch that can add just the right amount of grit to a clean amp for core tone or as a solo booster. Its really cleans up nicely with the volume knob and pick attack. 


As the circuit calls for Jfets, and the world is casually running out of thru hole fets, i have also ensured pads for surface mount components. Should you wish to get the SMD Jfet's presoldered to the board, then you can do here.


Enclosure wise, it’s a JP125B for this kit.  It is suitable to an intermediate level builder, nothing too tricky just a fair few parts to place. The board is designed with the DIY-er in mind and coupled with the detailed build doc gives you the best chance of success. 


Much like my buddy Andy, this pedal is inspirational and I am pretty sure you will like it. 

  • This kit compares to Nobels ODR-1.


    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.




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