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Professionally Designed PCBs

Here at Jeds Peds we offer a comprehensive line of quality effect pedal kits, available to order from PCB only to a full kit.


I’ve said this before I have never been happier with a company for their passion. Normally these days it’s all about money sell it forget it. But you guys are different. You recommend not force a sale and communicate like a friend . When I buy a kit or have a problem I feel like a part of a family no question too silly no problem too big and to top it off a top quality product . Anybody can go to a shop and buy a pedal but the feeling of making something that sounds great well it makes me pick my guitar up again and again, it’s inspiring so a thank u from me keep it up because you have the recipe for success


— Ashley, UK

About Us

Jeds Peds has been a leading pedal kit supplier since 2012.


We offer top quality kits at very fair prices and we give FREE build guidance in our Facebook Group.

We have kits that will suit all abilities and requirements. This is the place to build your perfect tone.


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