During the design and prototype stage of ‘Whitebait’ I was asked, how many clipping diodes is too many… answers on a postcard folks.


Whitebait delivers some of the most sought-after distortion tones! It uses a unique circuit and implements a dynamics control which is continuously variable. Owing to having 4 pots and 4 internal trim pots this beast can dial in many tones from the past, present and maybe even some new ones.


You even have a 3 way toggle to further enhance the versatility rating, if this was top trumps you’d win the hand. The control knobs are as follows, Volume, Tone, Dynamics and Burn. Internal controls for Note shape, Bass, Midrange and presence. These controls allow the Whitebait to produce tones ranging from sweet subtle sustain to smooth singing California amp style tones via chuggy riffs, Santana esque tones and nice clear chord work.

The dynamics control makes a huge difference to this circuit. At its fullest the pedal is substantially louder, clearer and ruder, and all the way down, it is sweeter and more forgiving.


If you’re a tweeker then this build is for you.


The kit is housed in one of our JP125B enclosures, the PCB features our DIY friendly approach, which includes enlarged pads and good spacing to encourage good joints. This one sits at an intermediate level.

  • This kit compares to the Small Fry by Barber. 


    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.