The Tweed Machine

The Tweed Machine

The Tweed Machine is a drive pedal designed to give you vintage Fender 'tweed'-style tone.


A three-way toggle switch provides tones based on late 50s Fender amps - a Deluxe and a Twin, plus a combination of the two.


The boost switch can either be a footswitch or a toggle. Please select the option you prefer. 


The build process is suitable for any level of builder from beginner upwards, there are a handful of parts to put in place but no specialist skills are required. The board is spaced for PCB mounted toggles and pots. It fits in one of our JP125B cases. The layout is very neat, and spaced well. I've included my 'diy friendly' approach with larger pads but space was tight so the pad spacing is too. This one comes with top jacks and power as standard. 

There are two knobs controlling the Volume and Gain and two toggles controlling the boost and diode selection.

The kit is supplied with a JP125B sized enclosure as standard.