The Rec

The Rec

There is a video if our kit here


The Rec kit has undergone many re-designs in the last couple of years, luckily, this is the one!  This kit is a 5150 amp in a box. With 5 controls, Vol Gain, Bass, Mid and Treble, as well as a toggle switch to alter the way the gain works, either Hard or Brutal, then this is versatile. Very versatile. Perhaps one of the only distortions pedals you will need on your board. It does super high gain heavy stuff and then with a fiddle of the settings it also does most other genres you would want. This could not be described as a one trick pony, more like a swiss army knife of distortion. 

This kit does not include the additional boost. It is distortion only. 

The PCB is well designed and fits nicely into a JP125B enclosure. It hangs from the pots and the toggle wires into position and fits through the toggle switch shaped hole! 

Its not overly hard, theres just a lot of parts. 

  • This kit compares to the Triple Rec by Wampler. 


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