The Hat

The Hat

The Hat is a 4 knobbed distortion kit based on Andy Timmons signature tones.  I have had no experience of this pedal until I plugged in the blew me away. Wow - its amazing! It is a bit noisy though although on the flip side it is a high gain distortion, so I guess that is to be expected!


As well as the four control pots there is a 3 way toggle switch, which gives you excellent versatility - appropriately named 100w, 50w and 25w modes. 


The PCB will hang from the toggle, and the pots will be wired into position here. Theres not too much to build here, 4/10 difficulty. 

  • This kit compares to the AT by JHs Pedals. 


    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.