The Evil Robot

The Evil Robot

Is it a fuzz, is it a modulation...I had to borrow the Hogwarts sorting hat to decide. He went with Modulation. Don't blame me if you disagree, take it up with the hat! 

This is a dirty, fuzzy, synth pedal with a wide range of tones available. Theres also the two sub-octaves it kicks out as well. 

This kit has three pots and one toggle switch for its controls. The PCB is laid out for board mounted pots. The PCB hangs securely within the enclosure.

This kit is supplied with a JP125B enclosure. The toggle will be positioned between the top two pots.

This kit is a very simple kit to put together. There aren't that many parts and the end results are ace!  I've dropped it into the beginner section, its at the top end so if you consider yourself to have an understanding of electronics then don't be afraid. If you're a total novice...give it a miss.


And because this kit is the gift that keeps on giving - it works a treat on bass too!

  • This kit compares to the Robot Devil by Dwarfcraft. 


    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.




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