Super Screamer

Super Screamer

The Super Screamer. In decades to come people will talk of this pedal, well I can only hope!


Its based on a good old Tubescreamer, and we all love that dont we. However, it has an active 3 way tone stack and presences control as well as a 3 way clipping switch AND (yes there is more) a two way fat toggle switch. All that in one box, gives you a very versatile overdrive pedal. If you're on my socials you will know I am pleased with how its turned out!


The board is designed to take right angled pots which will be supplied at no extra cost if stocked. If not you will need to wire them in place.


This kit fits a JP1590BB enclosure. It is suitable to an intermediate level builder and at the best UK price then why wouldnt you want to give this kit a go.

  • This kit compares to, well, works like a tubescreamer but better-er


    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.




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