Steezy MoFo

Steezy MoFo

Style With Ease is what this vibe pedal is all about. The Steezy MoFo is our take on the classic optical vibe circuit. This beautiful circuit gives you all the same lush, pulsating, three-dimensional swirling sounds you know and love, with some modern tweaks.


You get 5 controls to fiddle with, and there are an endless array of tones within. Intensity, Voice, Rate, Throb and Volume.


It will work well with all kinds of instruments, pickups, and to play well with dirt, so nobody’s left waiting on shore. If it’s got a ¼” output, plug it in and get Steezy.


As builds go, this one has a lot of parts and a tight PCB. You have to optimise the positioning of the LDR’s, as this can vary the effect to some degree. Its not a hard build but its not easy and I wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner.


It fits inside on of our wonderful JP125B enclosures