The Rat needs little introduction to any guitarist. It’s the king of all that is evil in effect land, many a boutique unit is really a Rat, maybe slightly altered but at its heart…it’s a rat.


Over the years I have had a few iterations of a Rat kit, and whilst there was nothing wrong with any of the others this one is my personal favourite because its nice and versatile. It has 4 pots and a 3 way toggle. The pots control Vol, Filter, Dist and finally Sweep which is a useable addition to an already fab circuit. It adjusts the clipping frequencies within the gain stage of the circuit darkening the tone as it goes. The three-way toggle flips between diodes – Stock Silicon, Led (turbo) and asymmetrical.


The kit features our DIY friendly layout and board design, detailed PDF build guide, top quality parts and the availability of our leading build support forum! It comes with one of our JP125B enclosures and the board is designed for ‘right angled’ pots. All this combines to give you a great chance of success.


You also have the choice of side or top mounted jacks and power socket on this one. You have to ask yourself when the goodness will ever end with JedsPeds #blushing.

  • This kit compares to the original Pro Co Rat. 


    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.

Jacks & Power Position



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