Pre Soldered FV1 Chip

Pre Soldered FV1 Chip

You no longer need to let the fear of soldering the surface mount FV1 chip to our FV1 kits, for we have recruited a resident expert to the JP fold who, for a small fee, will professionally solder the chip to the PCB for you. 


Furthermore, our soldering expert will then ensure continuity with all appropriate traces and provde me with a certificate to say its passed. I will share this with you if requested / required.


... I know which I'd use! 

  • This is an addition to out FV1 kits. 

    Its a payment for presoldering only. No other parts or materials are included, you do also need to buy the appropriate kit. 

    Offered in limited numbers so if any are out of stock, please don't try and beat the system and order another ;) 

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