8 board mounted pots, two germanium transistors, two PCB's and 5 offboard wires - yep its the Overunder.


You're probably familiar with the base circuit inside this badboy. Its pumped up. angrier and bigger.  Theres a myriad of tones available inside this little box of germanium goodness.


Listen to it here


The 8 controls are, Vol, Comp, Drive, Stab and Gate. All fairly standard there, all totally interactive. Yep lets add 3 more, Tone, a simple tone control, Blend, blends between two inptu caps to make it more fatterer and finally the Pre control is an input saturation control. All 8 combine to give you an exceptional box of tricks.


Not only that, the PCB is designed with the diy-er in mind. It includes a buildre friendly layout, and oversized PCB pads to give you the best chance for creating beautiful sodler joints the first time.  The design also includes my latest invention, the interconnecting footswitch PCB and main PCB layout, the brain child of an overactive mind and someone who doesn't really like offboard wiring. 


I'm talented with a ruler, amongst other things.


Enjoy the Overunder


  • This kit compares to the Fuzz Factory 8 by Zvex. 


    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.




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