Nerd Snipe Chorus

Nerd Snipe Chorus

Here's the Nerd Snipe Chorus. Its a big build capable of creating a tasteful, smooth chorus that can range from subtle to enormous.  The pedal its based on is Arion SCH-1 which was in production in the '80s and is known for producing a fantastic faux-Leslie tone at its faster settings, as well as killer vibrato and rotary effects. If you're into awesome vintage pedals that have been used by the likes of Clapton, Michael Landau, and more, then you may want to give this DIY version a whirl! 


The board is spaced for PCB mounted pots. It fits in one of our JP1590BB cases.  The layout is very neat, and spaced well. We've included my 'diy friendly' approach with larger pads but space was tight so the pad spacing is too.  Its clearly a big build with a lot of parts, so the board design was always going to be tight, but what a beautiful board it is. Hat's off to the designer. 


This kit is at the intermediate/hard level. It has a high parts count and tight pad spacing. It has expensive parts to make it work and should be considered a challenge.  Its not for the feint hearted, but other than high parts count and tight spacing, you don't really need any specialist knowledge to get it up and running. Just good build methods. 


Speaking of expensive parts, it runs of BBD and Clock chips which are rare to source. There are fakes a plenty out there, but luckily I sourced 100's of MN3007 to keep us going for some time yet.  Source your own at your own risk. 




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