May I?

May I?


Building this kit, May result in your hair growing long and curly and your wardrobe filling with Nike Cortez Trainers. Once you’ve looked in said wardrobe, you will destroy it and turn it into a guitar whilst finding yourself constantly thinking about Badgers… you have been warned!


….obviously, that’s not quite true.


Here is the May I? A long overdue kit in our range. This one captures the classic tones of Brian May! The circuitry emulates a custom tunes range master styled treble booster hitting a Vox AC30 preamp, a combination that we all know is very special indeed. The May I pedal results in the aggressive, harmonically laden tones you’d expect to achieve with a cranked 30 watt amp from an 11 cm pedal! You can clean the aggression up somewhat with the guitars volume knob taking you from searing lead thru chunky riffage to sparkly cleans.


There are no innuendos here, just electrons that want to break free and visit Brighton Rock! IF thats not taking your fancy then maybe try finding Somebody to Love with a Kind of Magic. Dont forget though, Too Much Love Will Kill You.


The kit is housed in one of our JP125B enclosures, the PCB features our DIY friendly approach, which includes enlarged pads and good spacing to encourage good joints. This one sits at an intermediate level.