MaskHole Compressor

MaskHole Compressor


The Maskhole is a vactrol based compressor which is simple to build and sounds really good. By my own admission, I don't really 'get compressors' so therefore I don't really use them. However - I lost a good two hours playing about with this yesterday. Its excellent, and my little Brent Hinds amp loved it.  With only two pots the controls couldn't be any easier. 


The board is spaced for PCB mounted pots. It fits in one of our JP125B cases.  It uses top mounted jacks and power as standard.The layout is very neat, and spaced well. I've included my 'diy friendly' approach with larger pads, which in turn encourage good joints.


This kit is intermediate level. It has an average parts count, the VTL5c3  is an expensive part that you don't want to ruin, but otherwise, nothing too specialist is involved. 


A Covid related name had to happen eventually, seeing as this one was designed during early Lockdown 2020, this was it. 




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