Lo-Fi Delay - Out of Stock.....for the foreseeable

OUT OF STOCK......for the foreseeable!


This delay kit has been one of our most popular kits since we started selling it in 2014. The effect takes advantage of the two on-board amps of the PT2399 for use as input and output mixers. The feedback and filtering are combined in a unique way which produces a slightly different set of controls than the typical PT2399 delay. This leads to some really “haunting” and musical repeats at long delay times. 

This kit is supplied with a JP1590BI enclosure. The PCB design takes advantage of spots for right angled mounted pots, as ever, if I have the correct values in stock I will supply them at no extra charge. If we don't then pots that require wiring into place will be supplied. 

Its a straight forward build, no specialist skill required on this one.  An ambitious beginner project, perhaps mostly suited to those who have built a couple of pedals before.




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