This is a kit for the metal heads out there.  This is comparable to the Distortus Maximus, which was designed to kram a Krank amp inside a tiny pedal. I'd say it works a treat. This is extremely versatile and provides a wide range of stellar distortion tones, from ultra chunky to scooped gain. There is also a three band EQ. This kit has few parts yet has such a good sound. 

The kit is medium in difficulty. 4/10 in difficulty. 

As you can see from the images, the PCB has spacings for right angled pots. As ever, I will provide right angled pots if I have the correct values in stock. If not, we will supply pots that require wiring into place.

This kit is supplied with a JP125B enclosure.

  • This kit compares to the Krank Distortus Maximus. 


    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.