Every continent needs it Peacekeeper, and Kofi Annan was a hero of the modern world. So why not name a kit after him eh?


Kofi is a low gain overdrive designed to suit all guitars and all amps whilst delivering the sweetest on the edge to crunch tones you may ever hear.


The circuit path combines a post gain active Treble and Bass circuit with a pre-gain Mids/presence control, meaning that you are able to tailor the overdrive character and tonality to your own needs. The pre-gain mids control takes you between a very smooth mid scooped gain type to a more pronounced mid humped gain with all ground covered in between. Post gain the active treble and bass controls adapt that focussed gain stage to achieve the tonality you desire/need. This one can be used as a subtle, klone styled boost into your amp or as an edgey overdrive, Kofi will make you sound pretty darn good.


Enclosure wise, it’s a JP125B for this bad boy.  It is suitable to an intermediate level builder.



  • This kit compares to The Peacekeeper by ThorpyFX


    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.




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