K Buffer

K Buffer

K Buffer, does what it does, it does it well but thats all it does. However, would you believe it that little circuit is probably the most important of your rig. 


The buffer pushes your signal along the chain and prevents tone loss. Just think how far your signal is travelling from start to finish!  Come on folks - Keep that tone alive! 


Ideally you will drop this into a pedal at the start of your chain although you can build it as its own pedal. You have three options available as usual to get the most appropriate parts you need.  They are slightly different to my normal options on kits so please read the info below before selecting. There is no enclosure provided with either 'kit' option. If you want an enclosure please add a JP1590B from the store. 


The buffer is always on, the footswitch turn the main effect on and off. 


If you're adding this into one of my pre drilled kits, it needs to go inside of a JP125B enclosure, if the kit you order usually goes in a JP1590B I will try and remember to switch it up a size. Add a note though to be sure! 

  • This kit compares to the buffer part of a Klon


    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.