JP125B Enclosure

JP125B Enclosure

This enclosure comes with a variety of different drilled options. Or undrilled, the choice is yours.


ITs roughly 119x64x40mm sized.

I searched the world for a good quality enclosure and found these. 

Other hole layouts may be available, also custom layouts can be considered. get in touch if you have something in mind. a layout will be required.


The following holes are drilled as standard.

Footswitch (12mm)

LED (5mm)

2x Jack (10mm)

Power Socket (12mm)


Pots are drilled at 7/8mm.


There is no deviation offered from the standard layouts listed here, other than a custom layout. Therefore any order for a pre drilled case will include the offboard holes listed above and the appropriate 'control' holes. Any request to deviate cannot be undertaken, sorry.




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