Jed Fet - J201 SMD to TO92 JFet

Jed Fet - J201 SMD to TO92 JFet

The TO92 J201 transistor is sparse in existence, and because of that their price has skyrocketed. The sad reality is that you are now highly likely to think you've ordered legit ones from abroad, but when they land they are faked. As pedal builders thats bad news because so many pedals use them.


Here's the solution. A pre soldered surface mounted J201 and TO92 adaptor board which you then fit in place however you wish, offcut resistor legs are the cheapest, easiest and neatest way. You could also use header pins too if you wanted. 


The listing is for one individual board wth J201 soldered on to it. The boards are about 9mm square. Tiny. You'll need to provide your own legs. 


No more faffing about with fake Jfets required. 




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