Jasmine's Filter

Jasmine's Filter

Here's a kit named after my middle daughter, Jasmine. She got very jealous when Fred had one before she did! Hopefully I've redeemed myself here. 


The Jasmine is an envelope filter, a very good one in fact. If you're into funky tones then this is for you. The original pedal featured heavily in the 70's with various very famous artists. It works well on a variety of instruments, even the clavinet! 


Our kit includes my DIY friendly PCB design, with larger solder pads, and a spacious layout therefore giving you the best chance of a successful build from any kit supplier on the scene. Couple that with the in depth build guides and our Facebook support group, then you can see why we are ahead of the game.


This one fits inside one of our excellent JP1590BB enclosures and features the ability to use right angled pots to ensure a neat presentation.


This kit is at the intermediate level.  It has expensive parts to make it work and should be considered a challenge. 


Speaking of expensive parts, those vactrols are hard to source but very much needed here. You could try rolling your own LED/LDR combo, but take my word for it... you're peeing into the wind! 




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