Harold's was my local barbershop when I was but a youngster, and had hair. He was such a lovely guy and he had these little games to play whilst you waited for him, puzzles and stuff. The only questionable thing about him was his choice of football team... Its a fitting tribute for such a nice guy to have a kit named after him.


So you wonder what this kit does, its a unique Jfet laden overdrive with a Sag control. The other two controls are Volume and Gain. Its a tough one to describe, but the three controls are incredibly interactive, and as my buddy budget pedal chap says in his video, you do have to learn how to play the pedal before you get the best out of it. 


Adjusting the sag starves the Jfets of the voltage they need to run therefore affecting the drive and overall output. At full voltage its an awesome in your face high gain tone machine, and some will love it for that alone. The versatility comes when you begin to adujst the sag, and therefore have to start adjusting the gain and volume. Incredibly simple, superbly effective.  It appears that my Sag operates in reverse from full volts to starved, whereas the original is starved to full. It makes no difference which way the knob turns really. 


As the circuit calls for Jfets, and the world is casually running out of thru hole fets, i have also ensured pads for surface mount components. Should you wish to get the SMD Jfet's presoldered to the board, then you can do here.


The board is designed with the diy-er in mind, enlarged solder pads, a spacious board and the ability to take right angled pots result in an enjoyable build. 


This kit fits a JP1590b enclosure. It is suitable to an intermediate level builder.


Harolds...happy memories. Rest in peace old friend :) 

  • This kit compares to Fairfield Barbershop


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