Green Ringer

Green Ringer

Insane octave up is what this is all about. This can be used on its own, or included inside another enclosure to add an 'octavio' to it.  This goes mad when you mix it with boosters. 

Our kit has an additional pot in place of a fixed resistor. The pot is a worthy addition and removes a bit of the shrillness from the output tone. 

This kit is supplied with a JP1590B enclosure. The PCB design takes advantage of board mounted pots, connecting directly to it. Super safe inside the enclosure.


Suited to those who have built a couple of pedals before, medium difficulty.


Theres a video of our kit here.

  • This kit compares to the Dan Armstrong Green Ringer and the EQD Tentacle.


    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.