Fluster Cluck Reverb

Fluster Cluck Reverb

Fluster Cluckkkkkkk


Another kit fairly appropriately named after an episode of The Punisher. Frank Castle had a chaotic time in this episode, and the FlusterCluck Reverb kit matches the level of insanity on display in NYC, whilst Frank and Billy have their battle


Enough about Marvel, The FlusterCluck is an reverberating atmosphere creator.


You can use the effect on any instrument to add depth and simulate different environments. There are 3 pots and a toggle giving this Belton powererd reverb unit masses of versatility. Experiment and combine a variety of settings to obtain the perfect ambiance for your sound. This circuit can create subtle, beautiful ambience. Right through to gloomy audio madness therefore experimentation is recommended...watch out for endless oscillations though, nobody wants that.


Our kit includes my DIY friendly PCB design, with larger solder pads, and a spacious layout therefore giving you the best chance of a successful build from any kit supplier on the scene. Couple that with the in depth build guides and our Facebook support group, then you can see why we are ahead of the game.


This one fits inside one of our excellent JP1590BB enclosures, features the ability to use right angled pots which ensure a neat presentation.


This kit is at the intermediate level. It has expensive parts to make it work and should be considered a challenge.


Speaking of expensive parts, choose between short or long decay on the brick! Without seeming to state the obvious, the PCB Only option does not include a reverb brick


If you're into noise making, here's a video of the Fluster Cluck in use, provided by a much valued customer of ours :)

Brick Decay



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