Erase.Record.Play Tape Delay

Erase.Record.Play Tape Delay

Erase.Record.Play is a high end DIY Tape Delay project. Lets start with the obvious...its big, it has a lot of parts and its not cheap. Its not a project to undertake unless you're an experienced, confident builder. 


It uses four PT2399 chips to create the different delays stages and there are lots and lots of different controls to dial in the delay sounds you are looking for.  The board features board mounted pots and toggles. 

The controls are:
Amp, Swell, Tape Speed, Degrade, Flutter, Trails, Wet, and then each 'tape head' has its own delay control. 


Its a very versatile modulation box and will work well with a variety of instruments. I've added it into the noise maker section as well, naturally you can adjust the controls outside the realms of normal use. I know some of you like that :P As well as the controls for the individual 'heads' you have pots for Swell, Tape Speed, Degrade and Flutter. 


It fits inside a large JP1590DD enclosure and is a pro level piece of kit.  The PCB features our DIY friendly layout, spacious and nice sized pads to encourage you to produce good joints. To top that off you get our highly detailed build guide to help you put it together.


I would recommend taking the pre drilled option unless you are a drilling god / godess. (If you are, please let me know) There is little room for error inside this, the PCB almost fills the case.


There's been a lot of effort putting this kit together, I hope that you like it.  I'd like to thank the staff based at our Northern JP RnD hub for their work on this.





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