Here is a 'boutique' transparent overdrive, it can work as a mid boost or mild overdrive! The two pots control the Drive and Volume and it doesn't colour the guitar signal at all, just sprinkles it with dirt and character. A simple yet effective pedal kit.


Crank the gain knob and you are into blues rock territory. Keep the gain low and he volume high and you've a lovely crunchy booster. 


If all that versatility isnt enough, it even stacks well with other pedals. 

This is one of our smallest PCB designs, as you can see in the image there are few parts to work on. The pots mount to the PCB and it hangs from them inside the case. Nice and straight forwards. 

The kit is supplied with a JP1590B sized enclosure as standard. 

This kit requires no special skill to put together, and with only 5 components, two of which are the same, its a great place to start for new builders. 

  • This kit compares to the Em Drive. 


    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.