Doctor Boogie

Doctor Boogie

The Boogie is a 6 knobbed distortion monster that emulates a Mesa Dual Rectifier head. Most DIY builders will look at building this pedal at some point. Its a great distortion.

The kit is medium in difficulty.  There is nothing too difficult but quite a few parts. You need to 'bias' the input voltage to each Jfet which is detailed in the instructions. You need a multi meter to do this. 

Thru hole Jfets are an endangered species. This kit is supplied with surface mount JFETS. They are small but far from impossible to solder. If I can do it with my KC eyes, then anyone can. Should you wish to ge tthe SMD Fets pre soldered to the board, then you can do here.

This kit is supplied with a JP1590BB enclosure and has been designed with the DIY-er in mind. A hobbyist friendly PCB layout and larger solder pads to encourage good joints.  

  • This kit compares to the Doc Boogie. 


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