CSound Bass Fuzz

CSound Bass Fuzz

If you're looking for a classic, retro, vintage pedal with a current design then this could be for you. The CSound Bass Fuzz is a modified Muff full of massive creamy fuzz ideal for riffage! This version also has an output boost internally, on the end of the circuit, so you can set and forget the trimmer to give you a required amount of headroom.


Theres a video here.

The PCB takes right angled pots, which it will then hang from. As ever, if I have the correct values for R/A pots I will send them at no extra cost to you. If not, the pots will need to be wired into place. 

This kit is supplied with a JP1590Bi enclosure. 

  • This kit compares to the classic Coloursound Bass Fuzz. 


    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.