Crowd Funz

Crowd Funz


We all like to crowd fun......z. 


This a very brutal fuzz pedal - to say the least. ​ Its described as like a tone bender, which it is. Its quite a trebly fuzz, its decent but you can expect interference at certain settings. You may need to shield it. Its super duper high gain filth! Certainly not for the feint hearted. It basically thumps you right in the face with fuzzyness.


Youve got the usual two pots volume and intensity.


This is an easy intermediate level build. Theres no specialist knowledge needed, all the parts drop into place. Theres nothing hard at all actually, ive only stumped for intermediate due to the highness of the gain. 

This kit is supplied with a JP1590b enclosure.   


  • This kit compares to the Ruby by Devi Ever. 


    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.