Classic Old Dude Compressor

Classic Old Dude Compressor

Classic Old Dude, Optical Compressor, 6 Knobs, Posh... Need to know more?


The Classic Old Dude is so posh that the features within this compressor are usually found in studio grade units, its internally powered at 18v and C.O.D has loads of gain and sustain on tap.

With complete control over attack, release, sustain and ratio, The Dude will allow everything from a heavy squash to subtle compression, whilst being full of character associated with optical compression.


Because the Classic Old Dude is the gift that keeps on giving, this even plays nicely with Bass. The current draw is about 30ma.


As I mentioned, you have 6 controls. Tone, anti-clockwise is a treble cut and clockwise a treble boost. It slightly colours your tone. Attack controls how quickly the compressor reacts. Release, ratio and sustain work together to control the dynamics of the compression effect. Finally, Level is a simple volume control.


Our kit includes my DIY friendly PCB design, with larger solder pads, and a spacious layout therefore giving you the best chance of a successful build from any kit supplier on the scene. Couple that with the in depth build guides and our Facebook support group, then you can see why we are ahead of the game.


This one fits inside one of our excellent JP125B enclosures and features the ability to use right angled pots to ensure a neat presentation.


This kit is at the intermediate level.  It has a fair few parts to make it work and should be considered a challenge.