Chuck Trem

Chuck Trem



The Chuck Tremolo is an optical tremolo circuit which was originally designed by an avid DIY-er known as 'culturejam' It is  based on the excellent Tremulus Lune circuit by 4MS/CommonSound. The  LFO has been simplified to three controls: Speed, Depth, and Shape (wave shape).


The power supply section has also been overhauled to provide better electrical isolation between the LFO and the audio portions of the circuit, and both sections are physically isolated as well. The result is a quiet tremolo that goes from triangle wave to almost square wave . There is also a Gain control so that the output of the circuit can be set for unity gain; or it could be used as a boosted tremolo, if desired.


The board is spaced for PCB mounted toggles and pots. It fits in one of our JP125B cases.   The layout uses my 'DIY Friendly' design methods which includes nicely spaced parts and larger solder pads to encourage better joints. 


This kit is very simple really. Theres not much specific knowledge required here and its a good kit for a 3rd or 4th build onwards. 


Credit and thanks to Culturejam for designing and sharing this excellent circuit including the above information describing its function. 




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