Brain Bleach

Brain Bleach

Introducing The Brain Bleach 


Where to start with this one, I know... Here's a demo video


The Brain Bleach is an analog octave down with filter. Its incredibly versatile, but most importantly its a huge amount of fun to play through. It'll suit guitar and bass, spitting out fat riffs from whatever your throw in the front end.


There are 7 pots and two toggles all of which are interactive with one another.  You can turn the octave on or off, cleaning this right up if you wish. Personally I love it on, chugging away sounding fat, thats just me though.  Think Tom Morello with this one, 90's funk style fuzzy tones. 


As kits go theres a fair few parts to identify. You don't need any magic tools or special skills. It does use 3 PCB's, two of which construct the main circuit, one for the pots and toggles and the other for the components. Both are then joined with stackable headers.  I found the fiddliest bit of this was boxing it up. Thats just fiddly though, not hard. Its a higher intermediate level kit designed with the DIY market in mind.  


As you can see, it goes together nice and neatly inside one of our JP125B enclosures, has top mounted jacks and lots of knobs to fiddle with. 

  • This kit doesn't compare to any production pedals per se. Its very much in the Bit Commander ball park, but has the additional filter bringing some funk.  Its just siiiick.

    There is no endorsement or approval from any manufacturer and this information is for comparison only.




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